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Social Selling Definition

/sōSHəl sel'ling


A modern way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers that keep you and your brand—front of mind.
Univia makes social selling so easy

The art of using social media as a tool to sell top Univia products
I love direct sales now that I can use social selling with Univia

About Us

Univia is a beauty and wellness company on a mission to change the digital sales industry with the first full integration of digital marketing.

Our founders have a long history of success in the digital universe. They have engaged product experts at the forefront of creating beauty products using sustainable and low environmental impact methods. This creates the perfect balance of product innovation and focused direct-sales-warrior know-how.

Our associates share our frontier entrepreneurial spirit, their own confidence backed up by the highest quality beauty products. One of our founders created a multi-million dollar business at the age of 18.

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Multiple Patented Ingredients

We have created skin care products that utilize multiple patented ingredients. All are paraben free and cruelty-free. Plant extracts and oils like Canadian Willowherb and Green Tea are used in our product line. We have a US based manufacturing facility, operating under strictly controlled guidelines. Our entire product line comes with a money back guarantee.

Univia's founders sum it up this way, "Our vision for Univia is a global family of independent entrepreneurs, all benefiting from a compelling line of products, plus the convergence of direct sales and online marketing."

Our specifically designed products produce the unmistakable radiance of true wellbeing. Contact us to get started changing your life with Univia

Become an influencer

Boss Definition



A person in charge of their own destiny
Being an influencer for Univia allows me to be my own boss

A person who runs the show
I never knew becoming my own boss could be so easy

When you look your best
You feel your best

Specifically designed products to produce
the unmistakable radiance of true wellbeing.

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