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Influencer Definition



Any person that influences others with their belief in a product.
Being an influencer for Univia has been Amazing!

A person who uses their influence to help guide people on a better path
Everyone one should become a Univia Influencer


Want to be an entrepreneur? Want to love your job and have total flexibility? Then, you’re in the right place.

Univia was founded to offer anyone who loves skincare, and recommending their favorite products to friends, the opportunity to become an entrepreneur

Why Univia? Because, it’s the next level direct sales company.


Univia’s founders are digital marketing experts, founding a number of successful online companies. They’ve taken their online marketing expertise and brought it to direct sales creating the first fully integrated direct sales company.


By combining the best of direct selling with online marketing you can optimize the power of the internet to spread the word and build your business.


Plus, you can use this technology to promote Univia’s U.S. based, next generation skincare line that offers results you’ll love and love to share. Together the tools and products offer an opportunity unlike any currently in the marketplace.

What does this mean for you?

You have state-of-the-art, easy to use tools to promote your business AND a superior product line to use, share and sell.
So, what are you waiting for? BECOME AN INFLUENCER today!

Earn income during your free time? Yep! It’s possible. Check out the numbers.

It’s all about monetizing your downtime. This idea is what’s fueling the “side-gig” economy. Now, it’s easier than ever to earn money on the side, either as a way to augment your 9 to 5 job, or, depending on your level of commitment and monetary goal, as your sole source of income. You can see this in action everyday - just look at the numerous ridesharing, errand-running and task-doing apps that have become the new norm. Everyone has a side-hustle.

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But, you ask, what makes
Univia and the direct sales
model the best way to get
into the side-gig game?

It’s is all in the numbers:


The skincare industry
is a $196 Billion
(with a “B”) market.


The direct sales retail
model is a $189 Billion

Put these two together, add in Univia's specialized digital marketing prowess, and you have an opportunity and industry model that's perfectly positioned to give people with the drive and desire extra flexibility, extra income, and a life on their own terms.

The best part?

Once you’ve put in the time to ramp up your business, you can earn money through recurring sales- sales that continue to earn commissions long after the original order is placed. So, you can continue to grow your business, via Univia’s online digital marketing platform, and watch your initial work continue to pay off in the form of repeat business. The repeat business is what makes Univia’s platform the smarter, not harder way to work the side-gig economy.

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What’s in it for you? Glad you asked.

Univia’s model is set up with multiple ways to EARN INCOME & REWARDS.
Here are the basics. But the true potential is up to each independent Influencer.


Earn up to 20% on base retail commissions whenever someone orders direct from your website

Preferred Customer Commissions

Earn commissions on sales made to the Preferred Customers you sponsor

Personal Team

Earn commissions on sales made by your Team and the Influencers you directly sponsor


Generation Commissions on sales made by the extended organization of your Personal Team


Performance Bonuses for reaching milestone achievements

(Univia, LLC. does not guarantee any level of income for any Influencer. The actual income of Univia Influencers varies depending on each Influencers’ skill, effort and time commitment.)

Opportunity Definition



Being presented the chance to join Univia
Univia has been such a great opportunity for me and my family

Provided a favorable chance to obtain your goals
I am so thankful for the opportunity Univia has given me

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